v0.2 series


  • Almost no code changes other than minor formatting
  • Added a bunch of new documentation including how to register an app with many common providers, and how to configure many common services to work behind oauthsub.


  • ported to from oauth2client (deprecated) to oauthlib
  • slight refactoring into utils/appliation
  • refactored application logic into a more flask-familiar layout

v0.1 series


  • python3 compatability
  • add bypass option for debugging in a local environment
  • cleanup package organization a bit
  • add github provider support
  • allow custom jinja template
  • use gevent or twisted for production mode


  • Fix pointing to wrong main module, wrong keywords, missing package data
  • Add
  • Fix wrong config variable in main()


  • Fix description string


Initial public commit

  • Authenticates with google, authorizes anyone who has an email address that is part of a configurable list of domains.
  • Only works with google as an identity provider
  • Configuration through python config file, or command line arguments
  • Includes example nginx and oauthsub configuration files
  • Module directory can be zipped into an executable zipfile and distributed as a single file.