Source code for oauthsub.util

import os
import zipfile

import jinja2

[docs]class ZipfileLoader(jinja2.BaseLoader): """ Jinja template loader capable of loading templates from a zipfile """ def __init__(self, zipfile_path, directory): = zipfile.ZipFile(zipfile_path, mode='r') self.dir = directory def __del__(self):
[docs] def get_source(self, environment, template): # NOTE(josh): not os.path because zipfile uses forward slash tplpath = '{}/{}'.format(self.dir, template) with, 'r') as infile: source ='utf-8') return source, tplpath, lambda: True
[docs]def get_zipfile_path(modparent): """ If our module is loaded from a zipfile (e.g. a wheel or egg) then return the pair (zipfile_path, module_relpath) where zipfile_path is the path to the zipfile and module_relpath is the relative path within that zipfile. """ zipfile_parts = modparent.split(os.sep) module_parts = [] while zipfile_parts: zipfile_path = os.sep.join(zipfile_parts) relative_path = "/".join(module_parts) if os.path.exists(zipfile_path) and zipfile.is_zipfile(zipfile_path): return zipfile_path, relative_path module_parts.insert(0, zipfile_parts.pop(-1)) return None, None